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CSCG Business Update 89 Wyndham City Council Small Business Entrepreneurship & Innovation Fund 2023

Wyndham City's Small Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fund 2023 (the Fund) has been specifically developed to support businesses within the City boundaries to develop innovation, encourage collaboration and build entrepreneurship capacity that generates long term business sustainability and regional growth containment.

Competitive Fund

The Fund is a competitive fund open to all eligible businesses.

Funding decisions are based on the evaluation of applications by an assessment panel against pre-determined criteria with final approval by Council. The assessment process is based on the merits of the application and recipients are not pre-determined.

Total funding of all successful applications will be limited to the maximum available as allocated in Council's annual budget. Council reserves the right to not apply the full amount of allocated funds.

Funding Streams

The Fund is divided into two funding streams:

Stream 1: To be eligible for the Business Start-Ups and Early-Stage Enterprises funding stream of the Fund (Stream 1), the registration of the business's Australian Business Number (ABN) must be dated 1 July 2020 or later.

Stream 2: To be eligible for the Business Growth Builders funding stream of the Fund (Stream 2), the registration of the business's Australian Business Number (ABN) must be a date 30 June 2020 or earlier.


For the purposes of the Fund businesses which meet the following structures may apply:

  • non-employing businesses - sole proprietorships and partnerships without employees;
  • a business that employs five or less people including business owner(s), on either a full or part time basis ('micro business')

For more information on the program including eligibility please go to the Wyndham City Council website. 

Applicants must be able to demonstrate:

  • that the registered trading address of the business as per the requirements of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission is a Wyndham City address
  • that the business complies with all relevant local, state and federal government legislation


  • A maximum of $10,000 exclusive of GST is available per application
  • Grant funds will be provided in two instalment payments:
    • 50% of funds on the signing of the funding agreement
    • 50% of funds at a date which corresponds to the halfway point of the project as schedule. This payment will be made subject to a satisfactory report being submitted to Council by the recipient outlining project progression and outcomes.
  • Council's determination in approving funds will give due consideration to the capacity and reputation of the supplier of the goods or services to which funds are applied
  • Local procurement of goods and services will be given consideration in assessing all applications
  • Matched funding applications are encouraged
  • Business costs paid by the business prior to the signing of a Grant Funding Agreement will not be reimbursed

Application Process

Applications close at 5:00pm on 30 October 2022.

Download Stream 1 Application Form

Download Stream 2 Application Form

Prior to completing an application, applicants are advised to familiarise themselves with the guidelines and the full terms and conditions of the fund.

Any enquiries in relation to the funding guidelines, terms and conditions and application forms must be forwarded in writing to the Economic Development Unit prior to the application closing time and date by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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