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Ori is the Founding Partner and Managing Director of CSCG.
Over the past 30 years Ori has gained extensive experience in advising clients from small to large businesses across a range of industries specialising in Retail & Hospitality, Construction, Real Estate, Importing and Manufacturing. His principal areas of expertise include Structuring, Business and Tax Strategies, Budgeting, Management Accounting & Analysis, Property Development & Wealth Management.
Ori focuses on strategic business consulting, performance betterment, wealth creation and retention, playing a vital role in many client businesses. His positive approach to even the most challenging situations has been invaluable in establishing the CSCG philosophy of client service excellence.
Patient, honest and always going the extra mile, Ori helps clients articulate and identify their needs and objectives, taking the time to educate and inform them. Equally his depth of industry experience and knowledge, as well as his active commitment to positive outcomes are highly valued by his diverse client base. Ori holds a Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Economics, is a Fellow of CPA Australia, a Fellow of the Taxation Institute of Australia, a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a Member of the Association of Taxation and Management Accountants.
Lou has worked in public practice since the 1980's and has gained considerable experience in all facets of accounting services including taxation and small business advisory. Also, during his long period of working life in public accounting, he has acquired a strong grounding in the specialised area of superannuation, particularly self managed superannuation funds.
His breadth of knowledge and experience in accounting has led him to apply his skills and assist clients with their wealth accumulation, asset protection and retirement strategies within tax effective structures such as self managed super funds, trusts and companies.
Jackie is a valued associate of the CSCG team who specialises in building strong relationships with her clients. Having joined our organisation in 1996, Jackie has been an integral part of our team for over two decades. Her long-standing commitment to our company is a testament to her professionalism and dedication. Throughout her tenure, Jackie has continuously honed her skills and stayed up to date with the evolving landscape of taxation and SMSF regulations.
As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) since 1999, Jackie possesses a wealth of knowledge in her field. Her in-depth understanding of taxation intricacies and her expertise in SMSF services enable her to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients. By offering tailored advice and support, Jackie empowers our clients to have greater structure and control over their superannuation and retirement planning.
What sets Jackie apart is her ability to strike the perfect balance between her personal approach and her technical proficiency. She genuinely cares about her clients and takes the time to understand their unique circumstances, goals, and aspirations. Jackie's dedication to delivering exceptional service is evident in the long-lasting relationships she has built with her clients. By providing proactive guidance and being a trusted advisor, her clients rely on her expertise and appreciate her ability to simplify complex tax and SMSF matters.
Meet Samantha, a highly dedicated and esteemed associate of CSCG since 2000. With her unwavering commitment and passion for helping clients achieve their personal and business financial goals, Samantha thrives on building strong relationships that foster success.
Samantha's expertise lies in computer-based accounting systems, where she excels in leveraging technology to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. Her proficiency in these systems allows her to provide clients with outstanding reporting, utilising her extensive knowledge and years of experience to deliver valuable insights and recommendations.
Having obtained a Bachelor of Business in Accounting, Samantha has a strong academic foundation that complements her practical skills. Additionally, she is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), further validating her expertise and commitment to maintaining the highest professional standards.
What sets Samantha apart is her genuine desire to understand her clients' unique financial aspirations and challenges. By forging strong connections and forming lasting relationships, she can tailor her services to meet their specific needs. Samantha takes the time to listen attentively, ensuring that she fully comprehends her clients' goals and objectives, enabling her to provide tailored solutions and advice.
KIN LEEAssociate
Meet Kin, a highly experienced and integral member of our team who has been with us since 2005 and has been leading our Business Management and Advisory division since 2011. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Kin brings a wealth of value to CSCG and our clients.
Throughout his career, Kin has developed a specialised skill set that encompasses various areas of business management and advisory. His expertise lies in management accounting and reporting, strategic business planning and review, as well as handling complex compliance matters, particularly in taxation. With his deep understanding of these domains, Kin has successfully advised and managed medium to large-sized business groups across a diverse range of industries.
With a strong background in public practice since 1999, Kin possesses a wealth of experience in providing expert guidance to businesses of all sizes. His strategic insights and keen analytical mind allow him to identify areas for improvement and develop effective strategies for growth. Kin's passion for businesses and processes enables him to understand both the financial and non-financial key performance indicators (KPIs) that drive success in different sectors. By leveraging this understanding, Kin has assisted numerous businesses in improving their operations and achieving substantial growth.
In addition to his extensive business acumen, Kin's linguistic abilities add further value to our clients. With fluency in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, Kin facilitates effective communication and collaboration with customers and suppliers from diverse backgrounds. This cultural sensitivity and language proficiency enable our clients to engage seamlessly with stakeholders across various communities, opening up new opportunities and enhancing their business relationships.
SHANE PAYNELending Specialist
With an impressive background as a former banker at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and HSBC Bank, Shane brings over 30 years of experience in specialised lending. His deep knowledge and expertise in arranging mortgages, corporate and commercial finance, as well as finance for equipment, make him an invaluable asset to the CSCG team & our clients.
Shane firmly believes that financial advice should go beyond a one-time interaction—it should be an ongoing commitment. Recognising the significance of your financial decisions, Shane places a strong emphasis on guiding you through the entire loan process, from inception to completion. By doing so, he ensures that you feel confident and informed every step of the way.
What sets Shane apart is his unwavering dedication to building strong and lasting client relationships. He understands that open communication, trust, and understanding are the foundations of a successful financial partnership. By forging deep connections with his clients, Shane is able to tailor his advice and solutions to meet their unique needs and aspirations.
EMMA MAYCOCKPractice Manager / Associate
Emma is a dedicated professional with an impressive 18-year tenure at CSCG. Her journey within the company began in the reception department, and through her commitment and hard work, she has ascended through the ranks to become Practice Manager and Associate of the firm.
Throughout her career, Emma has gained invaluable experience by immersing herself in various roles within the admin department. With her vast skill set and expertise, Emma efficiently manages the day-to-day operations of the firm, ensuring its smooth functioning.
Emma's diverse skill set encompasses people management, marketing, finance, facilities, and administration. She excels in developing and implementing strategies that drive the continuous improvement of systems and procedures, propelling CSCG to the forefront of the accounting profession. Emma's dedication to her colleagues at CSCG is evident, as she is passionate about fostering a supportive and collaborative work environment.
With her extensive experience, strategic mindset, and passion for continuous improvement, Emma plays a vital role in driving CSCG's success. Her unwavering dedication to the firm and its people is instrumental in ensuring that CSCG remains a leader in the accounting industry.
DAVID PIKEClient Relationship Executive
Introducing David, a dedicated and loyal member of the CSCG team since November 2012. With his expertise in tax services for companies, trusts, partnerships, and individuals, David is committed to providing comprehensive assistance to clients in managing their taxation and business-related affairs.
David's educational background includes a Bachelor of Commerce, with majors in Accounting and Finance. This solid foundation equips him with a strong understanding of financial principles and practices. Additionally, David is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), further validating his expertise and dedication to professional excellence.
David's client-centric approach is driven by his genuine desire to help people navigate the complexities of taxation. He understands that each client has unique needs and goals, and he strives to provide personalised solutions that align with their objectives. David's expertise allows him to identify tax-saving opportunities, optimise financial strategies, and provide guidance on compliance matters. With David by their side, his clients can navigate the ever-changing tax landscape with confidence, knowing they have a knowledgeable and reliable partner to support them.
DIMPI SHAHClient Relationship Executive
Meet Dimpi, our client relationship manager with over a decade of expertise in the accounting and tax industry. With her extensive knowledge and remarkable skills, Dimpi is a true asset to our compliance team. Her passion for problem-solving and unwavering commitment to balancing numbers sets her apart in her field.
Dimpi holds a Master of Commerce, specialising in Accounting and Finance. This educational background has equipped her with a solid foundation and a deep understanding of the financial landscape. Her academic achievements, combined with her practical experience, make her a trusted advisor in matters of accounting and taxation.
One of Dimpi's greatest strengths is her unwavering dedication to delivering the best possible experience for our clients. She understands that every client has unique needs and strives to ensure their requirements are met with utmost precision. Dimpi's attention to detail and meticulous approach guarantee that the numbers always align.
ROZA JOSEVSKACloud Bookkeeping Executive
With over two decades of dedicated service in our accounting division, Roza has risen to a prominent leadership position within our bookkeeping department over the past four years. Her extensive expertise and profound knowledge have made her an indispensable part of our team.
Roza possesses a wealth of experience in utilising various Cloud-based software solutions, including Xero, Reckon, and MYOB. Her proficiency in these platforms enables her to seamlessly integrate bookkeeping processes with our accounting division, ensuring a streamlined and highly efficient transition from bookkeeping to financial preparation.
In addition to her accounting background, Roza's comprehensive skill set empowers her to provide exceptional support to clients on matters concerning Workcover and Payroll. She is well-versed in addressing issues related to SGC (Superannuation Guarantee Charge), Single Touch Payroll (STP) and Payroll Tax, further enhancing her ability to offer comprehensive assistance to our valued clients.
Roza's exceptional client relationships are a testament to her ability to connect with individuals on a personal level, fostering trust and understanding that goes beyond the numbers.

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