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Accounting & Taxation

Accounting Services

We offer a quality service that is efficient and accurate.

Whether your accounting needs are complex or relatively simple, engaging experienced accountants can ease your compliance burden.

Why choose CSCG?

A partnership with CSCG means you and your business will be up to date with industry developments and changes in legislation. We will carefully consider your tax position and ensure your financial statements and tax returns are completed accurately and on time.

At CSCG our professionals have strong technical skills and understand that having an accountant who is reliable, responsive and understands your needs is what matters.

We can complete all your compliance requirements such as your BAS, GST, FBT, payroll tax and ASIC requirements but more importantly we can add value through budgeting, cash flow analysis as well as management accounting.

Our focus is on delivering efficient and accurate quality accountancy services, freeing you and your senior management from financial administration.

The introduction of online accounting (cloud accounting) has made managing your business's books so much easier.

CSCG has partnered with leading cloud accounting providers in Australia to provide cutting edge integrated cloud accounting solutions. It is an exciting way for small business to operate directly via the internet, minimising risks with backups and removing the need for regularly upgrading accounting software. Using the cloud now means you can share information directly with your accountant without needing a USB stick.

Xero - Helping you get control of your finances - efficiently and effectively Xero is an effective accounting system structured to minimise the time spent on financial administration.

CSCG and Xero provide a working partnership to ensure you are able to manage your financial information efficiently and effectively – and get the most out of your investment.

Regardless of how complex or simple your accounting needs may be, our professional team will use their strong technical skills to offer you high quality service that is consistent, exact and efficient.

Our services include but are not limited to completing your compliance requirements such as your BAS, GST, FBT, Payroll Tax and ASIC requirements.

More importantly, CSCG can add value to your business through budgeting, cash flow analysis as well as management accounting and much more.

We understand that having an accountant who is reliable, responsive and understanding of your specific requirements is what matters, which is why we ensure to offer a tailored, personal approach to all of our clients.

Tax Advisory

Successfully navigating complex tax issues are critical for business, and there are severe penalties for non-compliance.

Our tax consulting service helps simplify tax for our clients, allowing you to focus on what is important, growing your business. The experts at CSCG will work to reduce your tax exposure, and offer the right advice to make a significant different to your bottom line.

We will work with you on strategies to reduce your tax liabilities and add value to you and your business through expert advice that is proactive, flexible and tailored to your specific circumstances.

Our team of tax specialists throughout Australia are thought leaders in tax consulting and provide tax services that can manage your tax risks and exposure including Corporate Tax, Employment Taxes, International Tax, Specialist Tax Services, GST and State Taxes.


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About CSCG

CSCG provides the depth and breadth of services available from any major accounting firm while providing the personal touch only a locally-owned firm can offer.

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