We are very fortunate to live in a great country. The Government gives tax breaks to enable people to invest and save, when retirement rolls around they are able to support themselves without relying on pension (self-funded), and in turn not burden the Government.

Unfortunately, most people have been hypnotised to go out, get a job, and then buy a house – hopefully, paid off by the time they retire. They enjoy life and don’t pay much mind to anything else, or try to budget but fail to stick with it.

I know this is old advice. The answer is to plant a seed to create some wealth!

Put 10% of what you earn into savings every week and then put a system in place to invest those savings. This will drive a huge number of assets over time.

People will often say they don't have the 10% or $100 per week to save, but they fall into the pattern of earning $40K and spending $40K, earn more as their career or job develops they go on and earn $80k and spend $80K, then wonder when the unexpected dental bill comes where to find the money.

This is a pattern in our society which has developed consistently over time. They will get to 60 or 65 years and possibly accumulate enough wealth to last them 5 -8 years after their retirement.

Experience has shown people have extremely inefficient setups in debt or tax strategy, they have no strategy about investing. Some refinancing of credit cards or debt can get people that $100 per week. The savings are there; some people cannot see it.

Financial fitness! I want to implement a plan. The $100 -$150 per week can lead $000’s of investments.

Planning is critical! Everyone knows planning is critical but why don't people do it? The answer is often I am too busy.

Not having a strategy is a strategy! But what financial position will you be in when you retire?

If you don't invest you will have to rely on income until the very end! How old will you be when you can retire?