I have always loved the beginning of a new year and the fresh start it represents. 

I return to work after our Christmas shut down (so lucky I know) rejuvenated from spending quality time with my family & friends. I always make plenty of plans for the year ahead for my personal & professional life such as I want to look after my health, further my education, hire a house cleaner, etc.

Then reality sets in, weekly tasks blur into each other and I find that fresh motivation slowly slipping by, trying desperately to grasp it and retain that excitement for all my plans for the year ahead. 

This year I am determined to make it different! I am going into it with a positive attitude and I plan on constantly working towards keeping that positive attitude. 

I think maintaining a positive attitude is crucial when you want to achieve something and this year I want to achieve a lot. Here are some tools I plan on using to maintain a positive attitude:

  • Start your day off strong: I like to listen to happy, uplifting music when I wake up. You can create your morning ritual with whatever works for you but start off the day on a happy note. 
  • Positive in, positive out:  Surround yourself with positive people and try and use positive language. It’s amazing how your attitude changes depending on who and what you surround yourself with. Just like negativity feeds negativity it’s the same with positivity. Smile, say yes, think positive thoughts, I promise this will change your mind set.
  • Gratitude: It’s easy to always think of the negative in life but we need to start appreciating our lives and the blessings we all have. I know some people have trying times and it’s hard to stay positive but each person has a lot to be grateful for it’s just a matter of changing your thinking. 
  • Recharge: I now make a point to take some time on the weekend or over the working week to read and re-charge my brain.  Reading is something that is good for my soul and always refreshes any mood I may be in. For you it could be a podcast, a spin class, walking your dog. Whatever it is take the time to incorporate it into your daily lives. 

The above are just a few things that work for me and are pretty easy to introduce into your life even if you just start with one and make your own list of works for you and keep working at it.