Would you build a house without plans?

So, what makes your business any different!

The Budget is a document outlining the expectations of Directors/Management in relation to forecasting a business’s performance over the course of the year.
It allows proper management of cash flow and financial monitoring of the Business performance including the following:

  1. Sales Forecasts
  2. COGS
  3. Gross Profit Margins
  4. Labour Costs
  5. Overheads
  6. Net Profit

Ideally, the Budget should be broken down to a monthly and annual report allowing you to input these figures into your accounting system which then allows you as a director/manager effectively monitor the businesses performance against the expectations originally set allowing management then to monitor KPI’s, cash flow and other performance criteria.

The Budget forecasts also allow directors/management to effectively implement strategies approved for the continual development and evolution of the Business.