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Wealth and Investment Management

CS Consulting Group Advisory Services strives to achieve a detailed understanding of your needs and objectives to ensure financial strategies and solutions are developed specifically for your situation. CS Consulting Group differentiates itself from other private wealth practices through its quality of advice and level of personal relationship it develops with clients. Our services include:

Strategic Advice

CS Consulting Group Wealth Advisory develops the right strategies and structures for you and your family's personal circumstances. Retirement planning, superannuation, debt management, wealth creation, gearing, risk management and taxation can all be taken into consideration, documented and reviewed on an ongoing basis. Our team adopts a private and consultative client relationship approach, which ensures we can be available at any time to assist you on a personalised, day to day basis.

Australian & International Managed Funds

As an alternative to holding direct investments many clients choose to invest in managed funds. With managed funds you are paying a specialist to manage investments in a unit trust. Quite often this is the most efficient way to invest in particular asset classes, such as emerging markets and alternative assets. We have relationships with global and domestic partners that provide access to exclusive wholesale opportunities not available to retail investors.

Gearing Strategies

Gearing simply means borrowing money to invest. Gearing options to consider include using a Margin Loan, Home Equity or using structured products such as instalment warrants. There are a number of benefits to gearing such as potential tax deductions, increased income and increased capital gain, however it also has the potential to magnify your losses. CS Consulting Group can tailor a solution for your specific objectives and construct geared investment portfolios that are not only sound but also tax effective.

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

Self-Managed Superannuation Fund's (SMSF) allow you to have flexibility and control over your retirement savings. The SMSF sector is growing rapidly, with more and more people and in particular, business owners, choosing SMSF's as their retirement vehicle of choice. A SMSF can play an important role within a business structure to provide asset protection, tax planning and of course a flexible investment vehicle to provide for your retirement. At CS Consulting Group we specialise in SMSFs providing a comprehensive range of services from fund establishment through to investment placement as well as annual compliance and tax work.

Gearing in Super

Current legislation allows for Superannuation funds, including SMSFs, to borrow money for investment purposes under Limited Recourse Loan Arrangements - provided certain conditions are met. SMSF Trustees can now effectively increase the value of the assets in super and access certain types of assets such as property that they may not be able to purchase in full. Any assets that are held until pension mode prior to disposal can enjoy the benefit of zero capital gains tax payable on the capital gain. Limited Recourse loan arrangements are highly complex, particularly when involving a SMSF and the needs to satisfy all the other rules of the SIS Act. As such, it is imperative that you consult a CS Consulting Group Adviser so you get a complete understanding of how it all works.

Personal Insurance

Many Australians are under insured when it comes to their personal affairs. We recognise just how important it is for your family and business to be looked after in the event you die or suffer an illness. We cover all insurances including Life, TPD, Trauma, Salary Continuance and Key Man insurance. For a complete review of your personal insurance please contact one of our specialists.

About CS Consulting Group

CS Consulting Group provides the depth and breadth of services available from any major accounting firm while providing the personal touch only a locally-owned firm can offer.