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Many Australians are underinsured.

Its crucial that your family and business are planned for in the event of illness or death. We cover all insurances including Life, Total Permanent Disability, Trauma, Salary Continuance and Key Man insurance. Please contact one of your specialists for a comprehensive review of your insurance requirements.


Succession planning requires a thorough understanding of tax law and a range of issues should be considered such as:

What about the family? Who else might there be? What can be done to increase the value? What about tax? How will they pay for it? How do I retire? What about wills?

Few business owners take the time to develop a succession plan. It's a core service of CS Consulting Group and its complicated. That's why succession planning is one of our most valued services.


When planning for retirement, CS Consulting Group consultants advise on strategies to maximise retirement assets and income. This ensures our clients maximise their quality of life in retirement.

Planning for retirement, both from a lifestyle and financial perspective should be part of the founder's long term wealth creation process. The changes to capital gains tax (CGT) on 20 September 1999 incorporated some amendments in the treatment of the sale of a small business.

Business tax can be complicated and retirement strategies in this area require comprehensive advice.


It's not easy to place a loved one into care and it's not easy to understand how it works. Finding suitable aged care accommodation is an emotional strain and on top of that there are complex financial decisions to make.

Our job is to help you understand how these aged care decisions can affect you or your relative's financial position and how long money will last.


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