The Business Costs Assistance Program Round Four – Construction opened for applications on 19th October 2021 to provide one-off payments to eligible employing and non-employing businesses in the construction sector in Metropolitan Melbourne, City of Greater Geelong, Mitchell Shire and Surf Coast Shire. 

Grants from this program are up to $8,400 based on payroll size. 

Applications for this fund will close at 23:59 on 9th November 2021 or when funds are exhausted, whichever is sooner.
Details of the Business Costs Assistance Program Round Four – Construction
To be eligible for the program grant, businesses must:

  • hold an Australian Business Number (ABN) and be registered for GST on and from 24th September 2021;
  • be registered with the responsible Federal or State regulator;
  • be located within Victoria;
  • employing businesses:
    • be registered with Worksafe Victoria;
    • have an annual Victoria payroll of up to $10 million on 2019-20 on an ungroup basis;
  • non-employing businesses:
    • the business owner must hold a WorkSafe Construction Induction Training Card (white card or “ticket”) or interstate equivalent issued by a comparable governing authority in another Australian state or territory;
  • have incurred direct costs because of the restrictions in effect from 21st September 2021 to 4th October 2021 and cannot or were not able to operate remotely;
  • have been contracted (prior to the restriction period being announced) to undertake, or supply workers to undertake, work at a construction worksite that was shutdown due to the COVID restrictions announced on 20th September 2021 in the following areas:
    • LGAs in metropolitan Melbourne
    • City of Greater Geelong;
    • Mitchell Shire, and
    • Surf Coast Shire
  • operate in an eligible sector listed (26 in the list of eligible ANZSIC classes for this program (or see the list at the of end this update)
Other eligibility conditions:
  • The following businesses WILL NOT be eligible to receive any grant from this program:
    • Businesses who have received support under any of the following programs:
      • Business Costs Assistance Program Round Two;
      • Business Costs Assistance Program Round Two – July extension;
      • Small Business COVID Hardship Fund;
    • Businesses who have applies for support from the programs listed above and has not received an outcome on assessment.
      • It will be eligible for the grant that provides the higher amount should be the business be assessed as being eligible for more than one;
    • Businesses undertaking:
      • Construction work at Fully Exempt State Critical Infrastructure Project worksites;
      • Exempt construction work at shutdown constructions sites;
Grant Amount 

The grant amount payable to an eligible business is determined by its payroll size:
  • $2,000 for non-employing businesses;
  • $2,800 for employing businesses with annual payroll below $650,000;
  • $5,600 for employing businesses with annual payroll between $650,000 to less than $3 million ;
  • $8,400 for employing businesses with annual payroll between $3 million to less than $10 million;
The grant is a not subject to GST.
How to apply 

Applications must be made online via the Business Victoria website. The program will remain open until 11:59pm on 9th November 2021 or when funds are exhausted, whichever is sooner.
When applying for this grant you will need the following:
  • A valid ABN for your business that has an ANZSIC class code that is linked to one of the eligible industry sectors;
  • Workcover Employer Number (WEN) for employing businesses, or WorkSafe Construction Induction Training Card (White card or “Ticket”) for non-employing businesses;
  • Acceptable Proof of Identity of either of the following:
    • Australian Drivers Licence
    • Medicare card
    • Australian Passport
    • Australian Visa information and foreign passport
  • One construction site location where your business was contracted to undertake, or supply workers to undertake, work that was impacted by the construction shutdown between 21st September 2021 to 4th October 2021;
  • Number of Employees and full time equivalent based on a 35 hour or more work hours per week;

For further details on the Business Costs Assistance Program Round Four - Construction please refer to the website of Business Victoria and the website for the frequently asked questions.

Eligible ANZSIC Codes

Businesses in the following 26 ANZSIC classes are eligible for support under the Business Costs Assistance Program Round Four – Construction.

3011 House Construction
3019 Other Residential Building Construction
3020 Non-Residential Building Construction
3101 Road and Bridge Construction
3109 Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction
3211 Land Development and Subdivision
3212 Site Preparation Services
3221 Concreting Services
3222 Bricklaying Services
3223 Roofing Services
3224 Structural Steel Erection Services
3231 Plumbing Services
3232 Electrical Services
3233 Air Conditioning and Heating Services
3234 Fire and Security Alarm Installation Services
3239 Other Building Installation Services
3241 Plastering and Ceiling Services
3242 Carpentry Services
3243 Tiling and Carpeting Services
3244 Painting and Decorating Services
3245 Glazing Services
3291 Landscape Construction Services
3292 Hire of Construction Machinery with Operator
3299 Other Construction Services n.e.c.
6631 Heavy Machinery and Scaffolding Rental and Hiring
6619 Other Motor Vehicle and Transport Equipment Rental and Hiring

If you require any assistance with your application please contact to your Client Relationship Manager below: