I’m a people person; I like to work with my colleagues to help motivate them.

I’m not going to lie, it’s not always the easiest of tasks, but believe me, when you achieve some success the challenge and results are incredibly rewarding and very much worth the effort.

I find that the people I work alongside are very similar to me, they want to be excited by work, and they would much prefer loving their job than hating it. I mean realistically who in their right mind would want to hate the place they have to wake and go to every day? People crave that jolt of excitement their mind gets when something at work captures their attention.

I like to think outside the box in ways to capture the team's interest in the company, not just their work, and a few things we’ve tried recently are:

  • Group exercise classes in our lunch breaks
  • Team building at treetop climbing
  • Flu shots (yes, I know not exciting at all but a great way to cut back on staff illnesses through winter, plus it saves staff time and money outside of work)
  • Health checks through Workcover
  • Extra training sessions
  • Casual clothes days
  • Friday lunches out of the office.

Our staff members generally want to feel like the company invests in them as people rather than just as employees, when they feel this they are far more likely to return that investment.

Happy Staff = Productive Staff