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Ever made a loan application or done a tax return and looked at how much you earn each year? It’s pretty scary really. So….. I earned all that money – where did it go?

It is important when hiring workers to understand the difference between contractors and employees for tax and superannuation purposes. If you misclassify your workers you could be caught out with penalties and charges.

It is a common tax planning strategy for a business owner who uses the family discretionary trust as a preferred business structure to distribute business profits to a private company vehicle, commonly known as “bucket company”, to take advantage of the lower company tax rate at 27.5% rather than paying tax at a higher marginal tax rate applicable to individuals. Under tax law, these profits are required to be physically paid to the bucket company, which can then provide loans to the business owner, including family members and related entities on strict lending terms. 

A good estate plan involves developing a strategy on how to best distribute your assets in the event of death or, quite often forgotten, the loss of physical or mental capacity.

Most of my clients have had their insurance risks assessed and we have adequate insurance cover either with an insurance company or via a superannuation fund.

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